The Black Sheep Chronicles

(In the life of an adult sexual abuse survivor)

My Story

My so-called family



This website has been created (very quickly, I might add) so that I have a place to express myself concerning my past abuses, and to document my road of healing.  Maybe this will be helpful to others. I started this website in the midst of alot of turmoil between me and my half family, which began ever since my mother passed away last year.

This website is dedicated to all of those survivors who are still getting alot of bullshit from the family.  Whether they choose to ignore you, or they don't believe you, or they think you're crazy, or they're doing some other dysfunctional shit that's tearing your heart and mind apart -- 



"BlackSheep is who I am -- I am the black sheep of the family, the pariah -- because I will NOT shut up about all of the incest and abuse and broken boundaries that goes on in the family --- and they are sick of hearing me talk.  They would rather live in a world of secrets and pretend everything is fine. Well, it's not, an it will never be okay as long as they continue this way."

They have excluded me, yet they try to control me.

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